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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

100 Ways of an Exorcist

100 Ways of an Exorcist, by Kusonoki Kei
3 volumes(?)
Scanslated by Solaris-SVU
IRC Channel: #solaris-svu @

Topic: Shoujo, Romance, Paranormal, Children's

When newly transferred 5th grader Kodabutsu Mayu receives a love letter from Hai Yuuko, the cutest girl in his class, he's thrilled... and then confused, when instead of being envious, his classmates feel sorry for him. Yuuko is an exorcist, and every boyfriend she's ever had has fallen victim to the spirits that flock to her. Though he's been warned, and even experienced some of the supernatural events that surround Yuuko, Mayu just can't turn her down when she asks him to go out with her because she's just *so cute*!

In spite of the name, this manga is not scary AT ALL. It's intended for elementary school kids, and as such, it's all pretty simple and wholesome. The spirits are not particularly gruesome and Yuuko generally dispatches them quickly. I'm not fond of the "tiny bodies with huge heads and saucer eyes" art style, but it works fairly well for this manga. If you want something light, fluffy, and sweet, without a lot of substance, this could be the manga you're looking for.

Rating: 5.5/10

-- Reviewed by Tofuqueen


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