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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Addicted to Curry

Addicted to Curry
Scanslated By: Yanime
IRC Channel: #yanime @

Topic: Cooking, Ecchi, Comedy

Sonezaki Yui is a young girl left in charge of a curry restaurant when her father goes away. Because she is only in highschool, she is unable to keep the curry shop afloat by herself, so it's slated to be closed. But right before it closes, she manages to save the life of Koenji Makito, a curry chef who came to Tokyo to meet his teacher, who just so happens to be Yui's father. In return, he offers to help her revive the restaurant by becoming the chef there.

But why is Koenji so fascinated by curry, and how will he be able to thwart the ruthless goons from Suiren, a rival restaurant chain bent on purchasing Yui's restaurant? And what has become of Yui's father?

This is mainly a fanservice manga, with plenty of panty shots and rare partial nudity. Yet the cooking aspect of it is entertaining and provides a surprisingly solid backstory. The one thing that seperates this manga from all others I've read, is that each chapter features a unique curry and a translated recipe to create that curry has been included in each chapter. So if you so desire, you can cook along with the characters.

Rating: 7.0/10.0


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