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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Black Cat

Black Cat
Licensed by VIZ

Topic: Shounen, Action

Train Heartnet and his partner Sven Volfield are "sweepers" -- people who hunt down criminals for the bounty money on their heads. Their carefree life begins to unravel as Train's past comes back to haunt him, for Train used to be Number XIII, a member of a group of highly trained assassins called the "Chronos Numbers." They carry out the orders of the elders of Chronos, a shadowy organization that manipulates the events of the world from behind the scenes.

Train's former partner in Chronos, a man named Creed Diskence, has obtained a magical power named Tao and using it, has rallied together dissenters who hate the way the world is being manipulated. They begin a war against Chronos and Train is sucked in against his will.

There's absolutely nothing subtle about this series. Just straight forward fighting with a bit of backstory thrown in. However the story itself moves along briskly and the characters are diverse enough to keep the reader entertained. I do wish there had been more character development, especially with the other Numbers and even Train. However overall still an enjoyable, though very simplistic, read.

Rating: 7.0/10.0


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