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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Change Guy / Quantum Mistake

Change Guy
Licensed by ADV as Quantum Mistake
26+ volumes (Incomplete in Japan

Topic: Shounen, Fighting, Science-Fiction

A botched experiment by a mad scientist results in Too-Ji, a tough fighter, and Woo-Soo, a studious nerd, swapping bodies. As an added complication, at the time of the experiment both high school students were unconscious after being hit by a car, so they have no idea what caused the switch. Most of the story focuses on Woo-Soo in Too-Ji's body, as he adjusts to a totally different life and becomes an almost legendary fighter, with only brief glimpses of Too-Ji in Woo-Soo's body.

The body-switch isn't a new idea, but done well, it can make for a good story. This one starts out well enough, but then spends most of its pages on fights against ever-stronger, more amazing opponents who pop up from anywhere and everywhere and inspire Too-Ji to ever more astounding fighting prowess. When both boys are coming to grips with their new realities, interacting with their friends, etc. it's pretty entertaining, but those times are too few and far between. If you like DBZ-style ever-escalating fights that go on forever, this may be the manga for you; if you prefer more character development, then it's time to look elsewhere.

Rating: 5.0/10.0

-- Reviewed by Tofuqueen


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