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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lilim Kiss

Lilim Kiss
Scanslated by Solaris-SVU
Length: 2 Volumes (complete)
IRC Channel: #solaris-svu @

Topic: Shonen, Romance, Ecchi

Lilim is a succubus who visits men in their dreams, feeding off their life force through a kiss. When freed from a pendant by Saiki Takaya, she kisses him to replenish her energy, and it turns out that his kiss suits her tastes, not to mention he seems to have an abundance of life force to give. Lilim Kiss tells the story of Takaya and Lilim, and how their relationship grows from simply a demon and her food source into something more.

Lilim Kiss's mangaka, Kawashita Mizuki, is notorious for bad endings. Lilim Kiss, fortunately, is one of her better works, and though it was cut short, still ends on something of a strong note. Cute and funny with a bit of romance and fanservice, Lilim Kiss makes for a pretty good light read.

Rating: 7.0/10.0

-- Review submitted by p00kie


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