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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Living Game

Living Game
Scanslated by Band of the Hawks
IRC Channel: #hawks @

Topic: Romance

Set in the 1980s Tokyo boom era, Raizou Fuwa is your everyday office worker. As he is the youngest in the office he's relegated to the more menial tasks, such as delivering products. He's finally earned enough money to rent a larger apartment, right across the street from his office. But due to an earthquake the office's building is deemed hazardous and marked for destruction. As a result, all 5 of his co-workers set up their office in his new apartment. If that wasn't bad enough, a young female friend (Izumi Hiyama) of his boss runs away from home seeking work in Tokyo.

Given that she has no home, Fuwa is coerced into letter her stay at his apartment, which is now also filled with various printing equipment. Various hijinks ensue as Fuwa tries to cope with his newly invaded life.

This story ranks as one of my favorite. It's about a young-man learning what's truly valuable in life, and learning that making sacrifices for others can be incredibly rewarding. The various circumstances and trials he has to face are all firmly grounded in the realm of possibility, allowing the reader to empathize greatly with the characters.

Rating: 9.0/10.0 -- Reviewer's Choice


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