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Monday, January 30, 2006

Team Medical Dragon

Team Medical Dragon
Scanslated by Nexgear

Warning: Nudity, Graphic pictures of organs

Doctor Katou is an assistant professor at the Meishin University Medical Center. She's become sickened by the corrupt and subservient ways that doctors are trained in the universities -- In the universities the professors have absolute say over who graduates and who fails, putting them in a position of absolute power. With this power they are able to prescribe whatever medication or procedures they want, for their own gain. The only people promoted are those who dedicate themselves to the professors. Therefore Katou wants to become a professor herself in order to change this rotten "feudal society."

She will be writing her thesis on "the batista," a very difficult open-heart procedure which has never been successfully completed in Japan. If it succeeds she hopes that her professorship will be guaranteed. But firstly she must recruit a team capable of performing the batista. The lead doctor will be Doctor Asada, an incredibly talented surgeon who was fired from the universities for refusing to bend to the professors' will. How will the professors deal with this insolent doctor returning to the medical world? And who will Doctor Asada recruit for his surgery team?

This manga is fairly interesting. The various characters' stories and motivations are well developed forming a realistic situation. Unfortunately the plot itself is not all that engrossing. Each chapter in and of itself is interesting and entertaining but when more than a few chapters are read at a time, all that's left is a sense of how little the author respects the Japanese medical world. This may be an accurate portrayal, or it may not be, but the mounting level of disdain after a few chapters overrides any entertainment you'd find from just reading the manga for fun.

Rating: 6.5/10.0


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