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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Beautiful Name

Beautiful Name by Katayama Kosue
Scanslated by Impossibility
IRC Channel: #possible-soup @

Topic: Shoujo, High School Romance

First year high school student Karin holds tightly to the memory of her childhood love Yuuki-kun; so tightly that she still wears her hair in the same childhood style (two ponytails) to be sure that if they ever meet again, he'll recognize her. Delivering papers to the school infirmary, she meets up with a boy who seems to be coughing up blood (of course it's actually juice). He's an incorrigible prankster who can't resist teasing Karin constantly and pursues her even after she tells him she's still loyal to her first love, much to her consternation!

If you've read a lot of shoujo, this story will hold very few surprises, but it's sweet, innocent and nicely done. The characters are developed well considering the limited space and the ending is satisfying though predictable. This story is a fun short read.

Rating: 6.5/10.0

-- Review Submitted by Tofuqueen


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