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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Candy Life

Candy Life by Yayoi Ogawa
1 volume
Scanslated by Shoujo Magic
IRC Channel: #shoujomagic @

Topics: Shoujo/Josei; Romance with a bit of smut

Warning: Mild Nudity

Makoto, 24 years old, just lost her job and her boyfriend. Drowning her sorrows on the pier, she accidentally falls into the ocean and is rescued by the fabulously wealthy Aeba Takahito, who then asks her to marry him! However, before she can become his wife, she must complete a year's worth of lessons in all the skills necessary for the wife of a wealthy and powerful man. While living in his house and taking her "wife lessons", Makoto discovers that Takahito-san is a widower, that she looks just like his dead wife, and that he has a grown son... whom she soon meets under less than ideal circumstances and without realizing that he is Takahito-san's son. Who will Mokoto choose: kind, wealthy, stable Takahito-san or exciting, young, energetic Aito-san?

Candy Life is a different take on the classic Cinderella-type story, with the man originally cast as the Prince turning out to be a bit less than ideal in the end. This is also a story intended for older teens and above. While it's not overly smutty, there is some nudity and several fairly frank sexual references and situations. Character development is somewhat sacrificed for fast-moving plot twists that perhaps aren't as surprising as the author might hope, but it's an enjoyable story with a nice ending.

Rating: 6.0/10.0

-- Review Submitted by Tofuqueen


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