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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Family Compo

Family Compo
Scanslated by Omanga, AE Nisei, Nojay
IRC Channels: #omanga @, #ae-nisei @, N/A
14 Volumes (Completed)

Topic: Romance, Comedy, Shoujo

Family Compo is a twisted romance comedy written by Hojo Tsukasa. The main character is Masahiko Yanagiba also known as Giba. He's a young university student who had lost both of his parents. Yanagiba was living alone until a strange young woman who claimed to be his aunt Yukari visited him. She proposed that he live with the Wakanae family just after death of Yanagiba"s father. His "uncle" Wakanae Sora is a mangaka who draws manga in his chaotic studio with his crossdressing assistants. His "aunt" Wakanae Yukari is a busy housewife and their "daughter" Shion is a pretty 16 years old college student. Yanagiba soon finds out why his mother severed all ties with her siblings. Now it's your turn to read and find out why.

Family Compo is a funny family romance revolving around Yanagiba. It shows Yanagiba's difficulties getting through normal society and everyday life, while dealing with the taboo secrets of Wakanae family. It gets funnier each chapter, with Yanagiba being placed in various dilemmas every time. I find this to be one of the best stories after W-Juliet. If you enjoy twisted comedy and don't mind mention of various taboos such as transvestites, I suggest you give Family Compo a try.

Rating: 8.5/10.0

-- Review submitted by Ejudo


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