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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hareluya II Boy

Hareluya II Boy
Scanslated by: Akatsuki-Manga, Eternal-Blue
IRC Channels: #Akatsuki-manga @, #Eternal-Blude @

Topic: Fighting

Okamoto Kyoshiro is a wimpy high-school student who's working a part-time job so that he can save up money to study art in France. Because of his size he's often picked on by delinquents. One night when he's going home, he gets jumped by some members of the Black Skull gang. They try to beat him up for his money but he's saved by Hibino Hareluya, a fellow student. Hibino's incredibly strong and his goal in life is to conquer the world, through combat.

This manga focuses on their adventures as Kyoshiro tries to live a normal life with Hibino protecting him. They meet various other characters such as Michiru Yamana (a girl Kyoshiro develops a crush on), and Ichijyo (an aspiring rock-star). The stories revolve around them all following their aspirations as Hibino watches over them and protects them in the name of "conquering the world."

There's absolutely nothing special about this manga that sets it apart from other fighting mangas. The art is average, the storyline is average, and the comedy that the author tries to insert is sub-par. It is interesting to see how the author tries to tie together storylines when there are multiple protagonists that don't work as one cohesive unit. But even though the author manages to balance the different stories decently, there's still nothing that sets this series apart from any other fighting manga.

Rating: 5.0/10.0


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