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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl

Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl
by Akahori Satoru
2+ volumes (ongoing)
Scanslated by Dynasty Scans
IRC Channel: #dynasty-scans @

Topic: Shoujo-ai, Gender-bender, Fantasy

Warning: Mild Nudity/Sexuality

High school student Hazumu has never been especially "manly" (he talks to flowers, is easily bullied, and is afraid of the dark). However after being crashed into by an alien spaceship, he actually becomes female right down to his DNA. With the unmistakable evidence of the DNA (and a couple of aliens, who move in with Hazumu's family to study humans and Earth), Hazumu's friends and family have to accept the change and (s)he ­ begins a new life. Of course things would be simpler if the girl who rejected Hazumu's confession shortly before the spaceship incident didn't like the new female version quite so much; if Hazumu's childhood friend Tomari-chan didn't discover that her feelings for Hazumu were just as strong whether Hazumu was male or female; and if Hazumu's best friend Hasuta wasn't so torn between liking Hazumu as a friend and appreciating how cute and curvy the new Hazumu is.

The aliens are from a society that eliminated emotions in an effort to reduce wars and fighting, but because of that lack of emotions their population is dwindling. They've come to Earth to study humans and learn about emotions. Naturally they're fascinated by Hazumu and his/her friends, so they are definitely not above meddling in order to provoke emotional reactions.

It's a little hard to tell just where this one's going, but at volume two it *looks* like it's settling into a love-geometrical-shape of some sort... with the complication that two girls and one boy are all in love with a girl who used to be a boy and isn't used to being a girl yet, and of course there are also the observing/meddling aliens. However it's not quite as confusing as it sounds when you're actually reading the manga because it's better paced. The main characters are all very likable and are developing well, the supporting characters are entertaining, and the art is attractive. Be warned that this is most definitely shoujo-ai. If girls holding hands romantically and kissing each other bothers you, then this is not the manga for you. However at this point it's all really very sweet and innocent. I'm enjoying it a lot.

Rating: 7.0/10.0

-- Review Submitted by Tofuqueen


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