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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Miyuki by Adachi Mitsuru
12 volumes
Scanslated by Mugen-Manga
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Topic: Shounen, Romance

Sixteen year old Wakamatsu Masato's life is complicated by two Miyukis -- Kashima Miyuki, the cute classmate he likes but who always seems to catch him in bad situations (for example inadvertently stealing her swimsuit bottom), and Wakamatsu Miyuki, his beloved younger "sister." Wakamatsu Miyuki is actually a step-sister with no blood connection, who has lived abroad with their father for the past six years but has come back to Japan to live with him. Between the two Miyukis, school friends, and various other neighborhood characters, Masato's life is eventful whether he likes it or not.

Miyuki is a good example of Adachi's distinctive art and story-telling style. While art may not be as "pretty" as some, the body proportions are realistic and Adachi is an expert at subtly expressing his characters' emotions and actions. The story is slow-paced and understated, with feelings and events often implied or hinted at rather than explicitly spelled out. The main characters are well developed, the supporting characters are entertainingly quirky, and the events move along quickly enough that it's never boring.

Another Adachi hallmark that shows up in Miyuki is the occasional acknowledgement by the characters that they ARE characters in a manga or that events in the manga are pretty far-fetched, and occasional panels poking fun at Adachi himself at work on the manga. Some people may find it annoying, but I find it rather amusing and a nice change from the tendancy of some manga to take themselves a little too seriously.

Miyuki is based primarily in ordinary day-to-day life, with enough surprises thrown in to keep the reader from getting complacent, and a very nice ending that settles everyone happily. If you want high emotion and melodrama, look elsewhere; for a fun story with truly likable characters, give Miyuki a try.

Rating: 8.0/10.0

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