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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ren Ai Shijo Shugi

Ren Ai Shijo Shugi, by Kanan Minami
8 volumes
Scanslated by Shoujo Magic
IRC Channel: #shoujomagic @

Topic: Shoujo, Drama, Smut

Warning: Nudity

As children, Seri and Tamaki were friends and took karate together. Shortly after starting middle school, Seri quit karate (and didn't see Tamaki anymore) but she kept her habit of doing karate moves when excited or stressed out. Now in high school, it's the end of summer break, and the two meet again on a group date. Seri is determined to get a boyfriend and not reveal her rowdy "karate girl" side, while Tamaki is just as determined to bring that side of her out. By the end of the evening the two are well on the way to becoming a couple, but once they're back in school there is a challenger for Seri's affections, another boy who likes her "karate girl" side. There's also a sensei who seems to like Tamaki a bit more than is appropriate, and will go to great lengths to break up Tamaki and Seri.

This manga starts out well enough, and there are some pretty amusing moments in the first volume. However, By volume two the comedy has become drama and the rowdy "karate girl" has somehow become someone who can barely fight back when molested and can't seem to do much except wait to be rescued. This continues through at least volume six (as far as I've read, and as far as I will read). The challengers for both Seri's and Tamaki's affections are never honestly in love with either of them, they're generally out for revenge of one sort or another and don't care who they hurt in the process - usually Seri, sometimes Tamaki, sometimes both.

There's a sex scene in just about every chapter, sometimes Seri and Tamaki, sometimes Seri being molested, sometimes side characters, and it becomes sleazy pretty fast. Seri and Tamaki are supposedly in love with each other, but all they seem to do together is have sex and somehow get through various dramas and traumas. As a result, I never felt like they knew each other very well, never mind honestly loved each other. Each volume also includes an unrelated one-shot story, which I thought were much better - but then again, a single installment doesn't really give the author time to slide into the sleazy "let's have another creep molest the heroine" mode that took over Ren Ai Shijo Shugi.

Rating: 4.0/10.0

-- Review Submitted by TofuQueen


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