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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money
Scanslated by NULL
2 Volumes (Complete)
IRC Channel: #null @

Topics: Romance, High School, Comedy

Dahsau Zuhn used to be the son of an incredibly rich man. He had 6 cars, platinum credit cards, and went to the elite Nobel High School. Unfortunately, last week his father was arrested for fraud and everything went down hill from there. All his belongings were confiscated, along with his estate. His mother ran away with another man and he was booted out of Nobel High School because he could no longer afford the tuition. As a result, he transfered to the extremely run-down and poor Freedom High School next door.

There he meets a cute girl named Aimei Jin, who promptly saves his life and demands a protection fee. Aimei's goal is to raise $100 million before she graduates high school via any means possible, and poor Dahsau, with no place to live, is forced into being her assistant. Initially he absolutely detests her and thinks of her as a money grubber, but he slowly learns that her reasons for wanting the money are more altruistic than she lets on. As the story develops, Dahsau begins to realize his feelings for her.

This manga breaks down into two different chunks. The first chunk, encompassing the first volume, focuses mainly on short stories where Aimei forces Dahsau earn her money, and Dahsau's hilarious reactions to these demands. The second chunk, elapsing most of the second volume, focuses on Aimei's past and the reason why she has to get $100 million dollars. I enjoyed the first portion a lot, as the actions and reactions of the characters were often over the top, though still hilarious. The second portion was also decent although the story was finished up way too rapidly, as if the author was on a deadline to complete the entire story by. The art is beautiful, with expressive characters and lovely backgrounds. If some situations weren't gimmicked in order to finish them faster, and had the all the loose ends been tied up properly, this would have been a Reviewer's Choice.

Rating: 8.0/10.0


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