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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sirius Scars

Titles: Siriusu no Kizuoto (Cicatrice of the Sirius, Sirius Scars)
Author: Shinichiro Takada
Scanslated by: Studio Robb, Tsuzuku Jinsei O
IRC Channel: N/A, #TJO @

Topic: Fighting, Robots

Warning: Mild nudity, Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Adult Content

Life was going great for Sayoko, until the Schwalle invaded her home. Both her parents were killed in the sudden attack, and her little brother Takeru was left in the hospital in intensive care. Sayoko was afraid of being alone, eventually selling her own brain to the Albion corporation to pay off Takeru's medical bills.

5 years later, a cyborg known as Le Blanc Treizieme (The White Thirteen) wins her 30th dogfight, claiming the rank of Sirius, Grand Champion of the dogfights. During that same battle, Sirius was able to re-awaken her old self, once more returning to the Sayoko of before. Sayoko's brother, Takeru, had managed to sneak into her pit crew and noticed the change immediately. Somehow, they were able to steal a medical ship, The Prokeon, and escape together.

Unfortunately, outside of the 'Kennels' Sayoko is unable to produce Vitamin B, a substance vital for her survival. Without it, her brain will swell, to the point where she will die from it in one week. As if that weren't bad enough, Albion also wants their property back. They have dispatched several agents to retake Sayoko's body at all costs.

The story has a very good premise and the art work is very detail and befitting of the story. It does not suffer from the 'Oppenent of the Day' syndrome as many other fighting mangas do. Instead, it focuses largely on the story, spanning a mere 4 volumes until the finish. I especially enjoyed finding out the secrets behind Sayoko's amazing strength, as well as what Albion's true intent was. However, there is a lot of fighting, some of which portrays various entrails and blood. If you do not like seeing gratuitous amounts of violence , then this manga is probably not for you. If this does not bother you, then I would suggest that you give it a read. Even on my second time reading this series, it still hasn't lost any of its flavor or appeal.

Rating: 8.0/10.0

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