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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Scanslated by Inane
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Topic: Shounen

Narumi Ayumu is a 10th grader who's older brother was a world famous detective. Two years ago his brother vanished while trying to discover the truth behind a group called the "Blade Children." These "Blade Children" are responsible for many crimes, such as murder and terrorism, yet no one understands their motivations. Recently Narumi helped his sister-in-law (a policewoman) solve a pair of murders. Unbeknownst to him, one of the murdered was a "Blade Child." As a result, he has been sucked into this dark world. But the more he investigates the more he comes across his brother's influence, and he begins to find that he might be a key to helping the Blade Children. Who are these children and what drives them to commit such attrocities?

The plot is told in small arcs, each arc a seperate crime that Narumi must solve, and each crime somehow tied to the Blade Children. However, to label this a detective manga would be untruthful because the manga does not focus on Narumi solving the crimes (much like Detective Conan), nor does it focus on explaining how the crime was perpetrated (often the explainations on only a few pages long). Instead, the story focuses on the criminals themselves, and Narumi's ever deepening search to find the ties between them and his brother. As a result, the story moves along at a very rapid pace, although this is actually a good thing.

The mangaka doesn't delve very deeply into the background of the characters at any time, prefering to reveal tidbits as the readers go through the story. If this was done poorly it would be merely frustrating, but it is done well so the reader is constantly kept hanging by each new revelation.

Rating: 8.0/10.0


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