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Thursday, February 02, 2006


8 Volumes (Completed)
Scanslated by Manga-Sketchbook (Volumes 1-3) and Blackout (Volumes 4-8)
IRC Channel: #manga-sketchbook @ and #blackout @

Tobe is a youth in hell. He committed many so many crimes when he was alive that he was tortured and beheaded at the age of sixteen. Though he has been beaten and killed again and again for hundred of years in hell, he's still unrepenting. Lady Emma, a high ranking "devil" (a person who punishes the evil souls in hell) gives Tobe a chance to leave hell. To do so he must take up a magical sword called "Togari" and return to earth to vanquish the evil spirits called "Togas."

These Togas are the manifestations of people's evil desires -- dark beings brought into existance through hatred, that eventually take complete control of the people who had those feelings. He has 108 days to defeat 108 Togas, but in the process he cannot harm normal humans or else he will be harmed in turn. Can Tobe adapt to the modern world, hundred of years from when he was killed? Will he be able to defeat all the strong Togas who try to kill him? And most importantly will he obtain the trust of those around him, or will he revert back to his evil ways?

Togari had a lot of potential. The various Togas that Tobe fights are innovative and Tobe's inner turmoil (helping the weak rather than killing the weak as he used to) is fascinating. Were this manga to have gone on longer there was much that could have been discussed. However, the mangaka goes on to introduce a powerful enemy for Tobe, an enemy who's power is to create Togas from nothing, not requiring the concentrated evil of twisted people. And then the manga ends, there is no show down between the newest opponent, nothing. The ending is meant to be open-ended and would have worked if the manga was more philosophical. However the strong point of the story was it's decisive action, this ending completely ruined the series for me.

Rating: 4.5/10.0


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