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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Godhand Teru

Godhand Teru
Scanslated by Manga-Daisuki and Tama-Chan Scans
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Topic: Shounen, Doctors

Mahigashi Teru is the only son of the famous Dr. Mahigashi. 15 years ago, there was a plane crash and Teru was the only survivor. He was found with an imprint of his father's hand in his chest - many believe his father revived him using a heart massage, just before his father died himself. Now 15 years later, Teru has recently graduated from medical school and is joining the prestigious Yasuda Memorial Hospital to learn how to be a good doctor.

At the hospital, Teru meets Kitami Shuichi, the head of the surgery department. The two are polar opposites, with Teru being a clumsy and carefree individual while Shuichi is cold and harsh. Teru learns that Shuichi once killed a patient in surgery because he was unable to contain his emotion after learning one of his friends had died. As a result, Shuichi closed off his heart, relying entirely on data and precision to become the head of the surgery department. Teru on the other hand, refuses to follow this path, claiming that he will "never let a patient die." Will a new graduate be able to succeed in such a daunting task? Can Teru live up to his father's name, even though he's still developing his skills?

This manga falls under the category of "extreme" manga, where everyday occurances are drawn and written to be more action-packed than normal. Usually that's alright, although in parts of Godhand Teru, the actions goes so far over the top it's laughable. The characters are very well drawn, with plenty of detail although there's almost no background drawings in any of the frames.

Since only a couple of volumes have been scanslated, there's not much to talk about concerning plot and character development. The plot (as summarized above) seems to have potential, although the characters have been fairly well laid out at this point. Given the stereotypes of this genre, I don't see the characters developing in the future (outside of "evolving" new techniques). That's a shame because it often leaves characters as one dimensional. So far, the plot has involved individual operations, without any over-arching story. So, until more has been scanslated, I'd recommend this manga for a quick entertaining read, but not something to look into if you're looking for substance.

Rating: 6.5/10.0


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