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Monday, March 20, 2006


Scanslated by Hanashi
IRC Channel: #Hanashi @

Topics: Shounen, Action

Sakurai Mikito is a weak student who's constantly being bullied. He thinks of himself at the bottom of the food pyramid. One day when he's sitting on the bank of a river, unbeknownst to him, a small ball rolls into his school bag. After he goes home and falls asleep, the ball jumps out of his bag, hops across the room, and into Mikito's mouth. That night, Mikito has a dream, he meets a weird looking boy (named Zakuro) in front of a leafless tree. The boy asks him what his wish is, and Mikito says he wishes to become stronger. In return, the boy asks for him to make the tree bloom. From that day hence, Mikito is blessed with superhuman strength, speed, and abilities. But he's struck by an overwhelming urge to eat all types of meat.

Several weeks later he encounters a hunter, who tries to kill him. It turns out Mikito has consumed an "ogre seed", a small ball that turns the consumer from a human into an ogre. Ogres are former humans who've lost their sense of identity, live relying solely on their physical abilities and eat human flesh. Mikito manages to convince the hunter that he's no threat, but the hunter decides that either Mikito has to come with him (where he can keep an eye on Mikito), or he'll kill Mikito right there. So Mikito sets out on a journey to find a way to reverse his transformation. But will Mikito be able to reverse it before he can no longer supress his urges? And who is Zakuro, the boy from his dreams? What role does he play in the world of ogres and humans?

The art style for this series is pretty nice. The characters are well done, and the backgrounds (especially during battle) are detailed. The character development is also decent, with plenty of exposition and character evolution in the first 2 volumes. Within that span of time, we're able to meet the main characters, and begin watching Mikito's losing battle against his alter-ego. We're also able to see glimpses into the ogre and hunter societies, although the author leaves enough clouded to keep both suspenseful.

The plot so far is excellent, with a lot of potential going forward. The series introduces a third "race" fairly early on, a being even more powerful than the ogres that even the hunters didn't know about. The tentative balance of power in the world and how the three sides use Mikito as a potential tipping point is well done. So far only 2+ volumes have been scanslated but there's a lot of potential for this series. I'm definitely going to keep up to date with this one.

Rating: 7.5/10.0


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