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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wild Life

Wild Life
Scanslated by: Boku-Tachi and Yakuza
IRC Channel: #boku-tachi @ and #yakuza @

Topic: Shounen, Comedy, Veterinarian

Warning: Graphic renditions of surgery

Iwashiro Tetsushou is a goof-ball 3rd year high-school student. He has no motivations to do anything with his life, and has no special skills save one; he has a perfect sense of hearing. That means he can clearly hear very faint sounds, or faint distortions from the norm.

One day, while sitting on his bike wondering what he's going to do with his life, he sees a man using a stray puppy as target practice. Tetsushou decides to save the dog, and his act of kindness brings him to the attention of a veterinarian who says that with his ability, he could become a veterinarian as well and save plenty of animals. Initially Tetsushou laughs off this notion as ridiculous but shortly after that, the puppy he saves begins to have a weird heart-beat that only Tetsushou can hear. After he rushes the puppy to a veterinarian, the puppy is eventually saved.

From that point on, Tetsushou becomes serious about his studies and a few years later, he's gotten his vet's license. His old high-school friend introduces him to a group called R.E.D., an internationally renowned group of vets who work to save lives rather than to enrich themselves. As a result, all the members of R.E.D. are incredibly skilled and well trained. Does Tetsushou even have a chance to make it past the entrance exam? And if he does, what's in store for him at this elite clinic?

Wild Life is a very innovative manga, where the antagonist is a variety of diseases and sicknesses, while the protagonist has to rely on his one talent to get through each diagnosis. Tetsushou is a well-rounded character, who's normally happy-go-lucky yet focused when he needs to be. Each chapter introduces new difficulties which he has to surmount, and the sheer breadth of these difficulties shows great imagination on the author's part.

Both the background and character art are excellent. As part of R.E.D., Tetsushou is sent to various locales (such as the arctic, or a ship in the middle of the ocean). Yet each scene is rendered with plenty of detail and even the more common panels have some background art. Meanwhile, the characters and the animals are all very well drawn. Each character is highly distinctive, and the art mirrors their personalities well (for example Tetsushou is very relaxed and his goggles and jacket exude laid-backness).

I'm definitely looking forward to more of this series as it comes out.

Rating: 9.0/10.0


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