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Friday, June 09, 2006

Hareluya I

Hareluya I
1 Volume
Scanslated by Gomasuri
IRC Channel: #gomasuri @

Topic: Comedy

Hareluya is a delinquent in Heaven, who enjoys spending all his time drinking, flirting with the angels, or sleeping. This is troublesome for his father Harebare, who just so happens to be the God of the 20th century. Within 8 years it will be the 21st century and Hareluya will assume the role of God. But because he hates humans, who he views as "selfish creatures", Hareluya prefers to relax and enjoy himself. Because he's too corrupt to become the new God, Hareluya is cast down to earth as a mortal to live amongst humans so that he may learn to love humans.

His first action on Earth is to beat up a group of delinquents who are harassing a nun (although in reality he does so because she's "his type"). In the scuffle he's hit over the head and knocked out. When he comes to, he's being hailed as a hero by the nun, who's taken him to her church. Of course now Hareluya has to live in a pious church and attend school because he's taken on the form of a teenager. Will he be able to survive in this new life and more importantly, can these events change him into a more compassionate person?

The art style is identical to that of Hareluya II Boy (which makes sense because they are drawn by the same artist). The characters rely on over-the-top expressions and poses whereas the background is usually non-existant, focusing each frame entirely on one character or another.

The characters aren't developed at all, which is rare even for a single volume manga. The author seems to have taken a bunch of comedy prototypes and thrown together a slap-stick series. (For example Hareluya is similar to a good version the road runner, he's strong, stupid and damage doesn't affect him until it occurs to him. If he were to run off a cliff he'd keep moving for several moments before looking down).

The plot isn't deep but watching Hareluya wander around acting perverted and beating up people is still pretty entertaining. If this had gone on for more than one volume I would have called it repetitive but the manga is short enough to avoid that pitfall. Overall, Hareluya I reads like a sketchbook. It plots out a general premise of God's son becoming human to learn compassion but goes nowhere with it. I'd personally read Hareluya II Boy first and if you enjoy that, read this as a side story.

Rating: 6.0/10.0

Note: Hareluya II Boy is loosely based off this one-volume manga.


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